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Happy Thanksgiving Day


To celebrate Thanksgiving this year at , we offer you a crazy cast of entertaining NPCs to liven up your holiday. See you in the game!

Dangerously hungry NPCs: The desperation of hunger has driven these folk insane! Their cravings for a turkey could spell the end for Twin City! With mad revolutionary uprisings, orcs in disguise, vegan wannabes, pitiful orphans and even cannibals, who knows what will become of Conquer Online's capital?

The Masterchef: This trained professional is obsessed with roasting a turkey. Destitute and out on the street, he still has enough time to prepare feasts for resourceful players. But he needs drumsticks and five different spices, which can only be found by clever players during thanksgiving.

The Butcher: While the meat shortage is in effect, this greedy butcher will offer almost anything to someone who can bring him some meat!

Ex-guardsman Hauberk: This man is single-handedly responsible for ruining the Turkey Fest in Twin City. He accidentally ate the Fowl Egg, a magical artifact kept in Twin City to attract game birds of all kinds. While Hauberk may be a complete idiot, his heart is in the right place. He wants to repair the damage he had done by finding a new egg, but nobody really understands his crazy accent!

Fowl Escort: While she might enjoy a play on words from time to time, this foxy lass loves nothing more than to pluck a pheasant and torture captives with feathers! While her appearance might tickle your fancy, we rest assure that she has no interest in men of the human variety.

Fowl Empress: With the dazzling ability to conjure up hundreds of illusionary duplicates, the fowl empress is a playful child at heart. She only lays Fowl Eggs for those who can catch her in a game of tag!


What? You want more spoilers!? Well, okayˇ­ In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we'll walk you through the entire quest from beginning to end.

Main Quest: Saving Private Hauberk

1. Talk to Hauberk: If you can understand him, talk to Hauberk. Once you're finished abusing him for being such a fool, offer to help and he'll take you to the Roostˇ­ which looks a lot like Phoenix City. But most certainly is not!

2. Collect Feathers: Talk to the Fowl Escort, just to the northwest of Hauberk. This chick wants 10 feathers before she'll show you the Fowl Nest. So, jump out of the trees and into the forest. Start racking up some rooster and cuckoo kills! Sometimes they drop feathers, or drumsticks!

3. Enter the Fowl Nest: When you have 10 feathers, talk to the Fowl Escort again to enter the Fowl Nest.

4. Catch the Empress: The Fowl Empress won't wait around all day for you to catch her. She only appears at certain times. If you spot her, frantically jump around the screen trying to find the real Empress! There are many illusions, so don't be fooled! If you catch the real one, you'll get a Fowl Egg!

5. Return to Twin City: Take the egg back to Hauberk in Twin City. Exit the Fowl Nest by talking to the Fowl Escort again. Then talk to Hauberk to travel back to Twin City.

6. Claim Reward: Give the Fowl Egg to Hauberk and you can claim a reward for completing the quest. He'll be very grateful!

Side Quest: Turkey Blues

1. Collecting Ingredients: Have you picked up any drumsticks? Good, don't throw them away. You might have noticed that there are some odd looking trees in the forest where you hunted roosters and cuckoos. You can click on them to collect various spices. There are five spices in total, collect all!

2. Talk to Masterchef in Twin City: This guy will take the ingredients (drumstick, basil, salt, sage, paprika, rosemary) and make a wonderful Roast Turkey NOTE!

3. Feed NPCs: Take the Roast Turkey to one of the desperately hungry NPCs around Twincity. There are five in total but you can only claim four prizes each day. You'll have to wait a long time for those NPCs to become hungry again.

4. Sell Excess Meat: If you've got any drumsticks left over, then you can sell them to the butcher. He's near the bridge in Twin City. But note that he only buys according to city demands, which is no more than 10 drumsticks per day.

NOTE: You might be wonderingˇ­ How do you take rooster meat and cuckoo meat and make a roast turkey. The answer is this: Magic! Yes, the Master Chef uses magic to transform the meat of any animal into a full-blown turkey! It's that simple.

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