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The Eve of the Kingdom War - Fire Strike

Fire Strike | Alien Threat

Event Time: April. 23rd – May. 5th

Requirements: Level 70+ of 2nd-reborn Players

NPC: Realm General (Twin City 311,288); Kingdom War Fund (TwinCity 310,277, in other Server)


Festival Joy Pack
Name: Festival Joy Pack
Open it to get some EXP and a gift as rewards.
Love Rose
Protection Pill
You can get it by slaying monsters in Jiang Hu Mode. Each pill can restore study once.
1 Talent and 1 Free Course for Jiang Hu training



1. During the event, talk to the Realm General in your server to learn about the event and travel to other server.

Realm General

2. Destroy the Kingdom War Fund of other server, and report back to the Realm General in your server. The Realm General will reward you with 2 Festival Joy Packs, 1 Protection Pill, 1 Talent and 1 Free Course for Jiang Hu training.

the Realm General

the Realm General

3. You can take the quest once in a day.

Note: The Realm General can teleport you to the Realm. In the Realm, you can talk to the Cross-server Keep to travel to other server. When you finish the quest, talk to the Realm General in that server to return to the Realm, and then find the Cross-server Keep to go back to your server.

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