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All-round Look into Inner Power

Date: 2015-11-04 23:16 Source: Official Views:

Inner Power is divided into seven types, increasing different attributes and PK power.

Now Inner Power is not fully open and heroes can get Potency Points. It takes time to get Potency Points. Because you will need a lot of Potency Points to upgrade your Inner Power in the future.

We will fully look into Inner Power now!

1. The only way that heroes will get Potency Points is through the quests of the Realm and getting from Exploit Packs by doing quests of the Realm every day.

Packs Potency Points
Outstanding Exploit Pack 400
Brilliant Expploit Pack 600
Supreme Exploit Pack 1000

2. Heroes need to reach 2nd Reborn to learn all the skills in Inner Power. Inner Power will open to heroes gradually. It is for free and heroes could not use CPs or silver to open it ahead.

3. Every Inner Power will be divided into two chapters. And when Inner Power opens, heroes can find the specific NPC and get the first chapter of Universal Concept. After you study and upgrade the first chapter to the highest level, you will be able to claim the other half Universal Concept. After you learn the whole Universal Concept, you will get additional attribute bonus.

4. You can also exchange Inner Power attributes with your friends, though you need to get permission first. So you don’t need to worry that you lose 270 CPs without exchanging your attribute.

5. Right now Universal Concept has been fully released. Heroes! If you have learnt Universal Concept by now, please wait patiently for the next chapter Secret of Breath! It will be ready meet you soon!

If you have any problems regarding Universal Concept, you can refer to the guidance of Universal Concept!


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